and .


21:28 Ticket #2088 (strange error in t/examples/pod.t) closed by cotto
fixed: This happens because the example code writes to stdout in an :immediate …
19:41 Ticket #2091 (t/op/gc-leaky-box.t, t/op/gc-leaky-call.t: new test failures) closed by jkeenan
fixed: make op_tests now passes for me on the other Linux box described above. …
19:17 Ticket #1215 (Factor out Duplicated Code in vivify/fetch opcodes) closed by cotto
fixed: Thanks. I applied the attached patch as 91bd7c3.
18:39 Ticket #2093 (Remove :base_core modifier from *.ops files) created by soh_cah_toa
I've noticed that the :base_core modifier only appears in the *.ops …
01:39 Ticket #2089 (LLVM cflags prevent debug builds) closed by jkeenan
01:31 Ticket #2092 (config/auto/llvm.pm: Offer explicit optout) created by jkeenan
As recommended by plobsing in TT #2089: […] I will try to get to this.


22:45 Ticket #2091 (t/op/gc-leaky-box.t, t/op/gc-leaky-call.t: new test failures) created by jkeenan
On a linux/i386 box to which I have some access, today I encountered test …
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05:55 Ticket #2090 (Parrot underestimates memory on OS X) created by benabik
On OS X, Parrot uses the HW_PHYSMEM sysctl to determine the amount of …


21:11 Ticket #2089 (LLVM cflags prevent debug builds) created by plobsing
llvm cflags may contain '-DNDEBUG'. If this is added to parrot's cflags, …
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04:36 NewParrotDeveloperGuide edited by soh_cah_toa
Added some links to a few pages which I think are really important to … (diff)
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Added link to GitHub repository. (diff)
03:57 GSoCersStartHere edited by soh_cah_toa
Fixed mailto links. Also added link to GSoC page which I forgot before. … (diff)
03:47 GSoCersStartHere edited by soh_cah_toa
Originally only meant to remove svn references. Ended up editing the whole … (diff)
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