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17:55 Ticket #2111 (new_s and new_s_i opcodes) created by whiteknight
We have two opcodes for creating new, empty strings: new_s and new_s_i …
16:01 HowToDeprecate edited by plobsing
updates to improve pain points experienced by recent zavolaj breakage (diff)
04:14 Ticket #1182 (Add 'long long' to types supported by NCI) closed by plobsing
done: long long, long double, and sized integer types have been added to NCI in …


21:10 Ticket #2110 (mingw build fails while building opsc) created by cotto
I don't have the tuits to investigate this right now, but I want to make …
01:30 Ticket #2109 (Can't find asm/errno.h) created by whiteknight
I just upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu 11.04, and immediately there is a …
01:17 Ticket #2105 (New build failure on darwin/PPC at runtime/parrot/library/YAML/Tiny.pir) closed by jkeenan


20:58 Ticket #2108 (document how to open tickets via email.) reopened by coke
20:56 Ticket #2108 (document how to open tickets via email.) closed by coke
fixed: Why yes it is.
20:55 Ticket #2108 (document how to open tickets via email.) created by coke
Which is to send an email to tickets at parrot dot org.
20:42 Ticket #2107 ("Failed to load libpcre" during build) created by colomon
02:53 Ticket #1931 ([DEPRECATED] advanced NCI parameter types) closed by plobsing
done: This was completed in the tt1931-nci-parameters-deprecation branch.
02:21 ParrotDeprecations edited by plobsing
add deprecation notice for TT #1931 (diff)
02:21 ParrotDeprecationsFor3.6 created by plobsing
add deprecation notes for TT #1931
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