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20:13 Ticket #561 (What are valid characteristics for 'inspect_str' vtable?) closed by cotto
fixed: I'm closing this ticket since allison made it clear that any string is …
15:32 Ticket #582 (auto::sizes: Complete development of maxmin probes) closed by jkeenan
wontfix: Extensive work by plobsing++ in February of this year supersedes the code …
15:05 Ticket #840 (t/op/io.t fails on win32) closed by jkeenan


15:23 Ticket #2143 (examples/benchmarks/overload.pl: Can we remove this file?) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No one spoke in favor of retaining this, so out it goes. Closing ticket. …
12:40 Ticket #2147 (ops2c and a variable with "return" in its name) created by jonathan
11:22 Ticket #2146 (Deprecate load_bytecode op) created by whiteknight
The load_bytecode op has several problems, not the least of which is bad …
11:09 Ticket #852 (Mark OpenGL subsystem as experimental) closed by whiteknight
invalid: The OpenGL Bindings were indeed deprecated, so this ticket is being marked …
10:57 Ticket #85 (Add exported function Parrot_set_HLL()) closed by whiteknight
invalid: I don't think this ticket does make sense any more. We probably could use …
04:04 Ticket #1812 (Less Than Awesome error message when new Rakudo tries to run on old Parrot) closed by plobsing
invalid: Replying to jkeenan: All that can be said is that at some …
01:32 Ticket #1466 (Debugger "eval" instruction needs to be implemented) closed by dukeleto
01:29 Ticket #901 (eval is broken in parrot_debugger) closed by dukeleto
wontfix: Current debugger is not worth saving, and deprecated.
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