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20:20 Ticket #2172 (Archive.Zip : missing convenient method to unpack archive) created by Eclesia
The Archive.Zip pmc provides method to create an archive but does not …
20:14 Ticket #2171 (Archive.Zip Errors) created by Eclesia
The current Zip class fails to create a simple archive , bug can be …
00:25 Ticket #2008 ([PCT] Patch/feature request: No pop_eh in try PAST::Op) closed by jkeenan
wontfix: Based on these comments, I am going to reject the patch. I hope the …


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20:56 Ticket #2170 (as_string method to get strings from NCI results) created by NotFound
After discusssion at #parrotsketch we've decided to add the method …
11:50 Ticket #2096 (t/dynoplibs/debug.t: fails one test on some Darwin) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: I'm going to take this ticket with the …
05:20 Ticket #2169 (tools/dev/parrot_api.pl: What is this program meant to do? Do we still ...) closed by dukeleto
fixed: Removed in 7db4473 along with nm.pl . Wipe them from your memory.
02:48 Ticket #2169 (tools/dev/parrot_api.pl: What is this program meant to do? Do we still ...) created by jkeenan
tools/dev/parrot_api.pl does not appear to have been touched in any …
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