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21:35 Ticket #1447 ([NQP-rx] failure to capture two duplicate subrules in the same rule) closed by pmichaud
invalid: Marking ticket as invalid -- unable to reproduce the reported error. Pm
21:31 Ticket #161 (abc should not evaluate to 'last' in the abc language) closed by pmichaud
noreply: 'abc' is no longer in the Parrot repository, and is likely very out of …
21:20 Ticket #1429 (Add -L support to parrot-nqp) closed by pmichaud
wontfix: The new NQP (no -rx) and HLL::Compiler classes includes options for …
21:17 Ticket #1968 (Loading of nqp-setting breaks rakudo.) closed by pmichaud
noreply: Marking ticket as closed -- rakudo and nqp have radically changed since …
21:16 Ticket #1518 (NQP-rx generates wrong twigil for contextual lookups) closed by pmichaud
invalid: Contextuals (now "dynamic variables") are always lexically scoped and not …
21:14 Ticket #1514 (NQP-rx doesn't check storage mode for contextuals) closed by pmichaud
invalid: This is correct behavior for nqp-rx; one is not allowed to rebind globals …
21:00 Ticket #1503 (quote_delimited action misbehaves with single non-string quote_atom) closed by pmichaud
noreply: Closing ticket as being outdated. If it's still a problem, please …
20:58 Ticket #1464 (NQP-rx doesn't handle bare "return" from nested block correctly.) closed by pmichaud
invalid: nqp-rx doesn't really support "bare return"; all functions are expected to …
20:55 Ticket #1013 ('undef' bareword shouldn't parse, but does) closed by pmichaud
wontfix: I think I'll list this as "wontfix". NQP-rx is treating "undef" as a …
20:48 Ticket #1734 (PCT::Compiler should null temporaries when they are no longer needed) closed by pmichaud
wontfix: Closing ticket as "wontfix". PCT now makes much better re-use of …
20:04 Ticket #366 ([PATCH] --target=parse/past/post does not dump in -e mode) closed by benabik
fixed: An updated version of this patch was applied as 7428bb5.
19:39 Ticket #893 (Rebuild dependencies in makefile) closed by petdance
19:37 Ticket #1648 (Look at using restrict keyword on pointers) closed by petdance
done: This has been manually migrated to Github issues: …
17:41 Ticket #2184 (Remove Changelog) closed by coke
fixed: Pretty sure this ticket has been resolved for some time, closing.
17:36 Ticket #619 (eliminate perl 5 dependency) closed by dukeleto
wontfix: Consensus is -1 to do this. If a subset of this ticket is wanted, please …
17:31 Ticket #2120 (We need sorting benchmarks) closed by dukeleto
noreply:  https://github.com/parrot/parrot/issues/175
17:29 Ticket #911 (Tests for macro_local) closed by dukeleto
noreply:  https://github.com/parrot/parrot/issues/174
17:27 Ticket #2099 (Automate more of the release manager process) closed by dukeleto
noreply: soh_cah_toa++ did a lot of good work on this recently, and we have Github …
17:21 Ticket #610 (cross-compile configuration) closed by dukeleto
noreply:  https://github.com/parrot/parrot/issues/173
17:17 Ticket #491 (Use longopts in parrot debugger) closed by dukeleto
wontfix: The current debugger isn't worth working on any more (we don't even …
17:13 Ticket #954 (Inf/NaN from ieee754-2008) closed by dukeleto
wontfix: Closing this. We have bigger fish to fry.
16:25 Ticket #2199 ([PATCH] 3.9.0 Fails timer tests on NetBSD 5.1) created by Andy Dougherty <doughera@…>


16:55 Ticket #2198 (Add Configure.pl check for <stdint.h>) created by Andy Dougherty <doughera@…>
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