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  • make the 6model stuff available in Parrot at all
  • create meta-objects that provide Parrot's current class semantics so it's a small-ish step to switch over much code, and hope many people take that path
  • get PMCs to be 6model objects
  • hope Class and Object PMCs can go away by this point, or just turn them into simple things that delegate to 6model to give people more time to switch away.
jnthn>Somewhere along the line, the methods/namespace relationship and the class registry need to go away.
jnthn>I think the biggest mis-understanding at the moment is that people seem to think 6model is an
implementation of a bunch of OO-ish stuff. In reality, it's a bunch of building blocks to let you build
your language's view of OO.
jnthn>Well, the PMCs become real objects part is important too :)