Abandoned projects

This section is for historians only; you might want to see Languages currently under development instead.


Written by Jeff Goff. Was in 'languages/miniperl' in Parrot svn repository until r12805.


Scripting language inspired by Eiffel and Ruby. Original version targeted parrot, current version is self-contained. The PMCs for amber were in the repository until 0.6.1.  http://xamber.org/.


One of the very first compilers for parrot. Was in languages/cola in the Parrot svn repository until r37326.


Parakeet was a Forth that was extremely machine specific to the Parrot VM. Parakeet also had a lot of features not found in standard Forth, like local variables, nested words and classes and (as a result) nested compile-time and run-time lexical word, class and variable scopes.

Removed from the repository 'languages/parakeet' prior to 0.4.10, after having been broken since 0.0.11.

Parakeet is also the name of a project the extends the Jikes RVM in order to run Parrot bytecode. See  http://parakeet.wiki.sourceforge.net/.


BASIC interpreter was written in PASM, and used the global stack. It was last verified working in 0.0.11 before it was removed from 'languages/BASIC/interpreter' prior to Parrot 0.5.1.


The version at  http://rubyforge.org/projects/cardinal/ has been superseded by the one in the repository. (See above)


The Pascal for Parrot compiler was a final year project at I.T. Carlow.

Perl 5

From r16836 up to r25231 'languages/perl5' served as a repository for some Perl 5 - specific functionality that was heavily used in early parrot development. See 'PONIE', below.


An experimental implementation of PHP. Described at  http://www.akbkhome.com/blog.php/View/44/Latest_in_Vapourware_PintCompiler__dbdo.html, but no updates since August 2004, and the link to source is a 404.


Plumhead was the PHP on Parrot implementation. It has been renamed to Pipp.


Perl 5 adapted to run on Parrot. See  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PONIE and  http://svn.perl.org/ponie/. Blizkost is a new incarnation of PONIE. See  http://github.com/jnthn/blizkost .


Removed from trunk of Parrot subversion repository. Up to revision 12805, located in 'languages/ruby'.


Simple functional language. A quickly abandoned attempt. See  http://web.archive.org/web/20070911102734/ and  http://www.acooke.org/andrew/writing/parrot/sfl.html


Span can be most concisely described as Smalltalk for C++, C#, and Java programmers. It features an object system modeled on the Smalltalk object system and a language syntax designed to be easy to learn for developers of C-like languages. Last verified against parrot 0.1.11.  http://homepage.mac.com/matt.kennedy/Span

TAP (Test Anything Protocol)

A parser for the Test Anything Protocol Was located in 'languages/tap', removed in r26661.


A z-machine interpreter original found in 'languages/Zcode', it was removed in r36267. At the time of its removal, it was non-functional, but could probably be made to work against a recent parrot with only a little effort.