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Upcoming Hackathons:

We hold regular hackathons so that core developers can focus on particular areas that need help. There have been two types of hackathons so far, development and testing.

Getting Help During a Hackathon

First, join the #parrot channel on . That is the the center of the Parrot development universe, other than the  parrot-dev mailing list. You can also send a tweet/dent to  @parrotvm/ @parrot and your answer may be automagically answered by a talking parrot.

Testing Hackathons

Unless otherwise noted, there will be a large concerted testing push the weekend before every release.

Development Hackathons

These are where we focus on outstanding development tasks. We will try to hold about one development hackathon per release cycle, usually towards the beginning. We may hold them more or less frequently depending on need and developer interest.

Previous Hackathons

  • December 2009 PreDecemberReleaseHackathon
  • 12 December 2009: Miscellaneous Hackathon - We'll focus on:
    • Merge CallSignature and Context. This work is being done in the context_unify3 branch.
    • Remove uses of ->strstart outside of src/string. Either use Parrot_str_to_cstring/Parrot_str_free_cstring bufstart. See r40983 for examples of both and ask on #parrot if you're not sure.
  • 14-15 November 2009: OpcodeTestingHackathon . Convert tests in t/op/* to PIR and increase coverage.
  • 24 October 2009: PIRC Hackathon (never happened, reschedule?)
  • 10 October 2009: PCC Hackathon Redux
  • 3 October 2009: PCC Hackathon

Need Something to Work on?

Look at Parrot's  test coverage and write tests for code we don't currently cover.

(All dated events should be listed on the parrot calendar. --coke)