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  • review RT tickets assigned to me (close or move to TT)
  • review RT #53452 and #57028
  • review pmc_i_ops branch (more info on the BranchDescription wiki page)
  • review t/src/embed.t, last 2/3rds are skipped, do they have to be?
  • review plan in TT #1020
  • Remove Pod::Simple from the repository (fail soft, so build/install still works if they don't have Pod::Simple installed)
  • overriding VTABLE invoke from PIR (make it work, part of the solution is using :call_sig parameter modifier, but likely more changes are needed)
  • deprecation ticekt for get_results before call
  • deprecation ticket for CPointer-style capturing of result destinations
  • deprecation ticket or get_results to etch exception object
  • review/apply calculus patch for osx config (entered as ticket? test on os 10.4?)
  • Get Tcl working, compiling from installed parrot
  • Add load_hll_bytecode op.
  • remove old calling conventions
  • busybox trick for language alias executables
  • installation script and sample MANIFEST for languages
  • installer for nqp/abc as demonstration
  • Resolve MMD tickets, TT #247
  • documentation review
  • fix up the build process to more closely mirror install tree


  • setup members committee
  • accept new members (committers and non-committers)
  • member meeting process documentation
  • finalize 501(c)(3) application
  • note (what?) on license page foundation/legal, link (to what?) on download page
  • mention CREDITS in readme