This page exists to document whatever the architecture team is up to.


Currently, most of our effort is being directed toward hashing out a viable spec for Lorito. To that end, we've formed a Lorito task force. This task force consists of the following people:

cotto, sorear, tadzik, atrodo

The immediate plan for the task force is this: I (cotto) will compile a list of unanswered questions about Lorito and put them on a separate wiki page. I'll announce this on #parrot and parrot-dev, asking for volunteers to help fill in the gaps. After a week or so, I'll schedule a series #parrotsketch-style meetings where we'll hash out the remaining design issues. I don't expect that we'll have a perfectly-specified Lorito by this point, but it should be enough that we can start in earnest on a final prototype.