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This page is going to list some ideas for largish projects that people might consider for various academic levels, or for other situations like GSOC.


  • Small: suitable for GSOC, a Bachelor's-level thesis project, or a reasonable-sized grant proposal
  • Medium: suitable for a Master's thesis, or project of comparable size
  • Large: suitable for a PhD dissertation, or other large-scale research project.


Add your project here. Please considedr breaking the project into smaller pieces. Create a separate page(s) and link to them.

Name Size Synopsis
Generational Garbage Collector medium
Compacting Garbage Collector large
Concurrent Garbage Collector medium
LLVM JIT Backend medium
libJIT Backend medium
Trace-Based JIT large Add a trace-based JIT runcore
treeUnit? small Create a tree unit test language for P*ST
Context-Threaded Runcore medium