Boilerplate Only in C Function Documentation

The following is extracted from the test t/codingstd/c_function_docs.t.

The following gives the C source file in single quotes, have the appropriate header (=item C<...>), but some lack documentation under the header.

It should be noted that lib/Parrot/ which is used by the t/codingstd/c_function_docs.t to extract and test C function Docs imposes a line length of 80 characters on the =item header in the documentation. If the documentation does not conform to this it will fail the test. The =item header must be less than 80 characters or wrap at 80 characters.

The added documentation should be (preferably, but not necessarily) wrapped at line 80.

For this part of the test to pass some relevant documentation must be added after the header see MissingCFunctionDocs for the format.