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rerun - pmichaud++ just removed a bunch of old branches, add in initial commit message for (hopeful) clarity


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    44Here's a simplistic report about the existing branches. 
    6 branch: assign 
    7 initial revision: r33627 
    8 creator: pmichaud 
    9 create date: 2008-12-07T18:40:43.083056Z 
    10 authors: pmichaud 
    11 components: pct, rakudo 
    12 last updated: 2008-12-09T06:22:50.438331Z 
    13 # of commits: 18 
    14 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    156branch: bundle-parrot 
    167initial revision: r20961 
    2112last updated: 2007-08-31T19:03:45.797170Z 
    2213# of commits: 3 
     14initial log msg: create branch for conversion to Bundle::Parrot 
    2416branch: gc_options_remove 
    2719create date: 2009-04-15T01:58:17.010760Z 
    2820authors: jkeenan 
    29 components:  
    3022last updated: 2009-04-15T02:16:47.111273Z 
    3123# of commits: 2 
     24initial log msg: Create branch to work on 
    3326branch: gsoc_pdd09 
    3932last updated: 2008-12-19T01:35:50.416050Z 
    4033# of commits: 250 
     34initial log msg: Creating branch for GSoC PDD09 garbage collector work 
    4135last merge log: [t] Added a file missing from a previous merge.  Now the MANIFEST check doesn't 
    4236end Configure prematurely. 
    4842create date: 2008-12-29T21:37:53.223375Z 
    4943authors: tewk 
    50 components:  
    5145last updated: 2008-12-29T21:37:53.223375Z 
    5246# of commits: 1 
     47initial log msg: Gut the class registry :) 
    5450branch: headercleanup 
    6056last updated: 2009-04-21T21:28:29.296043Z 
    6157# of commits: 11 
     58initial log msg: Created branch to clean up headers and move code into subsystem directories 
    6360branch: install_tools 
    6663create date: 2009-03-11T12:22:58.902320Z 
    6764authors: jkeenan 
    68 components:  
    6966last updated: 2009-04-25T19:53:50.320148Z 
    7067# of commits: 33 
     68initial log msg: Creating branch to hold work on extracting code from tools/dev/*install*.pl 
     69into lib/Parrot/ and associated testing. 
    7272branch: lazyrakudo 
    7878last updated: 2008-09-12T02:48:10.423408Z 
    7979# of commits: 18 
     80initial log msg: [rakudo] Creating branch to start work on lazy lists for Rakudo. 
    8081last merge log: Merge branch 'master' into branch 'lazyrakudo' 
    8687create date: 2006-01-11T01:06:21.028889Z 
    8788authors: nickg 
    88 components:  
    8990last updated: 2006-01-16T23:19:22.861486Z 
    9091# of commits: 16 
     92initial log msg: Revisit NCI code to see if we can support a few backends. 
     93Creating a branch so that I don't cause daily breakage. 
    9296branch: nsentry 
    98102last updated: 2008-12-22T04:41:44.122109Z 
    99103# of commits: 2 
    100 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    101 branch: p6strings 
    102 initial revision: r37837 
    103 creator: pmichaud 
    104 create date: 2009-04-01T15:50:15.647027Z 
    105 authors: pmichaud 
    106 components: YOUR CHARACTER NAME HERE, codestring, digits, pge 
    107 last updated: 2009-04-01T22:05:58.576228Z 
    108 # of commits: 6 
     104initial log msg: Recreated nsentry branch 
    110107branch: pcc_rewiring 
    116113last updated: 2009-04-20T23:56:39.703637Z 
    117114# of commits: 13 
     115initial log msg: Creating branch for refactoring calling conventions, rewiring the internals of pcc dispatch. 
    118116last merge log: [pcc] Don't mark the PMC and String children of a CPointer (have made 
    119117this change before, but seems it was never merged into trunk). 
    128126last updated: 2009-01-05T09:04:21.835458Z 
    129127# of commits: 16 
     128initial log msg: Create a branch for working pn HLL issues with PCT. 
    131131branch: pdd09gc_part1 
    137137last updated: 2009-01-10T22:08:09.975918Z 
    138138# of commits: 16 
     139initial log msg: Creating a branch for the first round of GC refactoring. 
    140141branch: pdd30_install 
    146147last updated: 2008-12-25T18:37:06.917487Z 
    147148# of commits: 13 
     149initial log msg: rename cygwin070patches branch to pdd30_install 
    149151branch: pdd30install_stage4 
    152154create date: 2009-01-07T11:26:21.005052Z 
    153155authors: rurban 
    154 components:  
    155157last updated: 2009-01-08T18:21:50.932840Z 
    156158# of commits: 3 
     159initial log msg: Creating forth branch for ongoing 'make install' work, at trunk r35106. 
    158163branch: pmc_pct 
    164169last updated: 2009-05-02T06:12:52.683897Z 
    165170# of commits: 96 
    166 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    167 branch: rakudoreg 
    168 initial revision: r33841 
    169 creator: jonathan 
    170 create date: 2008-12-12T22:56:19.695779Z 
    171 authors: jonathan, pmichaud 
    172 components: rakudo 
    173 last updated: 2008-12-17T21:31:52.169748Z 
    174 # of commits: 15 
    175 last merge log: [rakudo] Some changes from trunk that somehow didn't make it to the last merge. This should mean the branch now passes all spectests, including the use ones, and that pre-compiled modules should work. 
     171initial log msg: Experimental branch for PCT based PMC parser 
    177173branch: remove_new_from_string 
    180176create date: 2008-08-14T17:19:45.275897Z 
    181177authors: coke 
    182 components:  
    183179last updated: 2008-08-14T17:57:20.802588Z 
    184180# of commits: 2 
     181initial log msg: Create a branch for RT #47011, removing the VTABLE entry 'new_from_string' 
    186185branch: remove_pic 
    192191last updated: 2008-12-26T23:35:41.183900Z 
    193192# of commits: 7 
     193initial log msg: RT #60048. -  remove polymorphic inline cache. 
    195197branch: rep6object 
    198200create date: 2009-05-06T18:12:02.833500Z 
    199201authors: jonathan 
    200 components:  
    201203last updated: 2009-05-06T18:12:02.833500Z 
    202204# of commits: 1 
     205initial log msg: Create branch for refactoring P6object. 
    204207branch: report_hll_info 
    208211authors: tene 
    209212components: exceptions 
    210 last updated: 2009-04-12T02:07:29.697413Z 
    211 # of commits: 2 
    212 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    213 branch: rvar 
    214 initial revision: r34459 
    215 creator: pmichaud 
    216 create date: 2008-12-28T01:09:39.643600Z 
    217 authors: jonathan, pmichaud 
    218 components: 0, oo, pct, rakudo 
    219 last updated: 2009-01-06T23:15:05.030218Z 
    220 # of commits: 76 
    221 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    222 branch: rvar2 
    223 initial revision: r35133 
    224 creator: pmichaud 
    225 create date: 2009-01-07T17:08:30.768491Z 
    226 authors: jonathan, particle, pmichaud 
    227 components: core, pct, pge, rakudo 
    228 last updated: 2009-01-09T14:54:50.625557Z 
    229 # of commits: 54 
    231215branch: splint 
    237221last updated: 2007-07-10T09:54:07.177368Z 
    238222# of commits: 10 
     223initial log msg: Created a separate branch for people to work on splint processing 
    239224last merge log: Merged changes from trunk into splint branch (19727:19755) 
    244229create date: 2009-01-10T18:39:34.876664Z 
    245230authors: simon 
    246 components:  
    247232last updated: 2009-01-27T22:57:17.207034Z 
    248233# of commits: 27 
     234initial log msg: Creating a branch to implement strings PDD 
    249235last merge log: Merge from trunk 
    254240create date: 2008-12-20T18:17:54.903915Z 
    255241authors: rblasch 
    256 components:  
    257243last updated: 2008-12-20T19:11:31.880324Z 
    258244# of commits: 5 
     245initial log msg: Visual C++ 9 port branch.