BuildBot for Parrot

 BuildBot is a  Continuous Integration system. The normal use is to have a build master watch a source code repository (such as SVN) for changes and instruct several build slaves to build and test the software when a relevent change is detected.

There is now a  BuildBot build master for Parrot. The web status page is

The buildbot at polls the parrot SVN repository every 20 minutes looking for changes for the relevant branch(es.) If a change is found then the buildbot waits for five minutes of no further commits before sending messages to the slave(s) to checkout a clean copy of the source, and then to build and test it.

As of January 21 2008 there are currently 4 builders configured:

  • building the trunk on fedora core 6 on x86_64
  • building the trunk on ubuntu-ppc
  • building the trunk on darwin-ppc
  • building branch pdd17pmc on fedora core 6 on x86_64

Adding Build Slaves

If you would like to contribute a new build slave please contact Matisse Enzer <matisse@…>

BuildBot Status

Current forms of status information available for the parrot buildbot:

  • Web page
  • Email list
  • IRC

Web Status Page

The web status page is available at:

Email List

Andy Armstrong has set up a list to which we are sending all the build results:


Build status information is also available from a bot on " #parrot"< irc://>. The bot name is *buildbot*. You have to ask it for status info - it will not automatically announce builds (yet.)

To see current status of known builders:

  /msg buildbot status

to watch a currently running build (get builder names from 'status'):

  /msg buildbot watch {builder-name}

for example:

  /msg buildbot watch ubuntu-ppc-trunk