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Working in branches/one_make


  • most file generation should be done via make, not Config. To see what files are generated by your configure, make realclean; perl; svn st --no-ignore.
    • ext/Parrot-Embed/Makefile.PL should not be generated; it should just use Parrot::Config to get @ this config-time information.
  • accurate build dependencies
  • should verify perl dependencies.
  • should verify pir deps.
  • should be really be able to generate makefiles, not just verify them.
  • should interpolate variables like make does when checking make. (not all at once at the end, but as-we-go.)
  • recursive make is bad. Avoid it where possible, esp for anything built with the default target.

Some tickets:


  • Specifically: eliminate parrot_include step.
20:41 <@Coke> there's a tools/dev/ that does about 90% of what it 
              needs to.
20:41 <@Coke> er, s/dev/build/
20:41 <@Coke> each input file has multiple potential output files.
20:42 <@cotto> so you're filling in the other 90%.  Got it.
20:42 <@Coke> needs to be updated to take the output filename as an arg, and 
              then again so it only outputs the directives for /that/ output 
20:42 <@Coke> (and then tools/dev/ needs to be written.)
20:43 <@Coke> (which is basically a copy. refactor ahoy.)
20:43 <@cotto> nom
20:44 <@Coke> And I think I missed a few output files when I removed the 
              existing deps. should double check the input files for all the 
              potential out files and make sure they are all in the makefile.
20:45 <@Coke> writing this up...