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PCC Rewiring Refactors (Current)

* Convert all calls to 'Parrot_runops_fromc_args*' into calls to 'Parrot_pcc_invoke_sub_from_c_args'.

* There's a huge hodge-podge of functions that do basically the same thing. Trim these down to a logical set that handle the basic cases. (calling from PIR, calling from C, calling from a CallSignature PMC).

* Converge on one calling convention for all invocation. Different entry points for calling from PIR, C, or CallSignature PMC. Different exit points, depending on whether the call is a Sub (Closure, Contintuation, etc) or a CFunction. But same code pattern, and same core routines for all.

* Refactor to remove code duplication between the various dispatch systems.

* Standardize on PCC-style signature description strings throughout the system, instead of different signature description strings for different calling APIs. Excludes NCI signatures.

* Enable dispatching by CallSignature PMC everywhere.

* Add adverb modifier "i" to signature string for an invocant.

* Add lots of documentation about signature strings, CallSignature, dispatch, etc

* Change the default vtable function generator for Object PMC to generate 'Parrot_pcc_invoke_sub_from_c_args' calls instead of 'Parrot_runops_fromc_args*' calls.

API Cleanups

* Add :call_sig parameter flag type. Can be used to get access to the raw CallSignature object.

* Change 'signature' in ‘Parrot_pcc_invoke_from_sig_object’ to a Parrot STRING, and change all relevant functions to accept a Parrot STRING instead of a C string.

* Modify Parrot_build_sig_object_from_varargs to check if an invocant is present and if "Pi" doesn't already exist at the beginning of the string.

* Delete all old call-related functions that are no longer used.

Invoke Refactor

* Make VTABLE_invoke is consistent between different sub-like PMCs (Sub, NCI, etc). See #1094

* Allow VTABLE_invoke to be properly overridden from PIR. See #103

* Allow Sub, Continuation, etc. to be properly subclassed from PIR

* Add an :invocant flag so that we can name the method invocant something besides "self"

Lookahead Refactor

* Add a :lookahead option for Sub parameters. A lookahead parameter takes a named argument preferably, takes a positional otherwise.

Params/Returns Unification Refactor

* Refactor PASM calling code so that set_returns is called before get_results

* Unify argument passing and returns passing to use a single codepath.

* Optimize PCC dispatch (refactor to slim down the code).

Misc or Old items

* Remove the TODO mark from t/pmc/multidispatch.t test 32 (see RT #59628).

* Merge inter_call.c and inter_run.c, or completely rename and resort the existing functions. Possibly src/calling.c and src/opcode_runloop.c or src/calling/pcc.c and src/calling/opcodes.c? (Done in r36595)

* Stop marshalling and demarshalling between C calling conventions and Parrot Calling Conventions (especially in hot paths, such as MMD and vtables)

* Refactor Integer PMC's overflow mechanism to do a VTABLE call rather than directly performing an MMD call (to allow for vtable overrides). See #60