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    11This page is a personal todo list for me, cotto.  Others are welcome to take on any tasks mentioned here, but the primary purpose for this page is to keep track of what I intend to do.  Because of that, I haven't spend much effort on breaking tasks down into bite-size chunks or made much of a concrete plan.  If you are interested in helping but don't know where to start, catch me on #parrot and I'll put you to work.   
    3 == profiling todo (important, in decreasing order): == 
     3== todo (important, in decreasing order): == 
    44 - Annotations are slow.  Make it possible to avoid a Schlemiel the Painter algorithm by getting annotations from bytecode iteratively. 
    55   - 
    99     - docs/parrotbyte.pod duplicates some of pdd13.  Merge parrotbyte.pod into the pdd.  It's hard enough to keep one document up-to-date. 
    1010     - It'd also be nice to speed up Parrot_Sub_get_line_from_pc since it currently eats about 15% of the processing time *after* caching its results.  Knowing PackFiles might help. 
     11 - Add --hash-seed=xxx to parrot so that hash order-related failures can be diagnosed more quickly.  [ Coke] recently ran a case where this would have made life easier. 
    1112 - test profiling output (pprof format) 
    1213 - test pprof to callgrind conversion and callgrind-style output 
    1819 - ~~Figure out a nice way to integrate annotations into the profile.~~ 
    20 == profiling todo (would be nice): == 
     21== todo (would be nice): == 
    2122 - Fix CLI argument parsing so that options can be passed to the profiling runcore. 
    2223   - It'd also be nice if parrot were smart enough to treat -Rp or -Rprof to the same as -Rprofiling