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    33== todo (important, in decreasing order): == 
     4 - some way to measure how much time is being spent in each nqp-rx subroutine or method? I know we had stuff using kcachegrind at one point, but I could never get it to work much with pge or nqp-rx because it seemed to have difficulty with tailcalls. 
    45 - make --stagestats for PCT::HLLCompiler less noisy 
    56 - Take a shot at implementing one-pass lazy PMC class initialization. 
    67 - 
    7  - Look into a process for GPG signing releases 
    8    - as a bare minimum, add SHA1 (or better) checksums of the tarballs to the release announcement 
    9    - get feedback from #ps folks, update release_manager_guide.pod et al 
    108 - Make the [wiki:Deprecation Deprecation] page not suck 
    11    - add sub-pages for migration between subsequent supported releases 
    129   - troll through svn logs and fill in what needs to be done 
    13    - make such updates a *required* *non-optional* *you-will-get-yelled-at-if-you-forget-this* part of the deprecation cycle 
    14    - see if Coke, kthakore and the Rakudo hackers get less crabby 
    15  - Look at khairul's code: 
    16    - look through meeting log, add tasks to this todo list 
    1710 - add stuff from to LoritoRoadmap 
    1811 - Add a test for #1652 to t/profiling/profiling.t 
    2417     - docs/parrotbyte.pod duplicates some of pdd13.  Merge parrotbyte.pod into the pdd.  It's hard enough to keep one document up-to-date. 
    2518     - It'd also be nice to speed up Parrot_Sub_get_line_from_pc since it currently eats about 15% of the processing time *after* caching its results.  Knowing PackFiles might help. 
    26  - ~~Figure out how to properly fix pbc_merge (TT #1419)~~ 
    27    - Once this is working, pir files can be compiled to individual pbc files and be merged similar to how C code is compiled. 
    28    - This will make dependency tracking for pir code much more reliable. 
    29  - Add --hash-seed=xxx to parrot so that hash order-related failures can be diagnosed more quickly.  [ Coke] recently ran a case where this would have made life easier. (submitted in tt #1383) 
    3019 - test profiling output (pprof format) 
    3120 - test pprof to callgrind conversion and callgrind-style output 
    3423   - Look into spitting out NYTProf-compatible output too. 
    3524 - Optimize the profiling runloop code.  Major refactors should wait until some tests are in place. 
    36  - ~~Do a code review of r43196.~~ 
    37  - ~~Abstract output in the profiling runcore to minimize the amount of code that cares about the output format.~~ 
    38  - ~~Figure out a nice way to integrate annotations into the profile.~~ 
    4027== todo (would be nice): == 
    4633== profiling testing todo: == 
    47  - Make docs/dev/profiling.pod more skimmable. 
     34 - Make docs/dev/profiling.pod helpful to a (hypothetical) annoyed and scared newbie. 
    4835 - Figure out what to test. (see [wiki:TestingProfiling]) 
    4936 - Write some fake tests to figure out what the profiling testing interface should look like. 
    5744  - proper namespace support 
    5845  - threads 
     46 - make profiler useful to HLLs (nqp especially, pge would be helpful too) 
     47  - time spent per sub/method would be very helpful to pmichaud 
     48  - deal gracefully with tailcalls 
     49 - optimize pprof2cg, see [ this] and the ensuing discussion 
    6052== Questions: == 
    61  * What are "basic blocks" in Callgrind's format?  Callgrind's docs aren't at all helpful here.  RTFS applies. 
     53 * What are "basic blocks" in Callgrind's format?  Callgrind's docs aren't at all helpful here.  UTSL applies. 
    6254   * A basic block is a straight line piece of code without any branches or branch targets.  It's the smallest individual unit of code to which you can apply a compiler optimization.