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document substr_r replacement.

Any items listed for deprecation will be listed here along with an explanation of the expected upgrade path.

This is separate from DEPRECATED.pod because it will contain (or link to) historical deprecations so users coming from older versions can upgrade. No official support is provided for these upgrades, this is best effort on the part of the parrot team only.

.HLL_map 'foo' = 'bar' (removed in 1.1) This pir directive didn't always work at compile time when it was run.

Replace this usage with a something like:

.sub '' :anon :immediate
  $P1 = getinterp
  $P2 = get_class 'foo'
  $P3 = get_class 'bar'
  $P1.'hll_map'($P2, $P3)

opcode: substr_r(out STR, in STR, in INT, in INT) - this op was only ever experimental.

use substr(out STR, in STR, in INT, in INT) instead.