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05/12/10 01:37:19 (12 years ago)

Added implementation tasks. I think this is everything, but there's probably more necessary detail.


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    3030We may be able to find smaller and cheaper data structures than the doubly linked list, though the cheapness of splicing elements and lists together is compelling. 
     34  * Create branch 
     35  * Copy mark/sweep implementation into a new file (gc_sf.c, perhaps) 
     36  * Change function names, especially in GC struct, in the new file 
     37  * Add the pointers for the new lists to the SF GC struct 
     38  * Change arena allocation to allocate space for each list in each new arena (because a GCable can only be on one list at a time, we need two pointers worth of data for each GCable -- allocating this in one chunk at the start of the arena makes them relatively contiguous in memory, so it should fit in the cache much better).  Let's call this a GC_LL struct. 
     39  * Add a function to calculate the correct GC_LL struct for any given GCable, given a pointer to the GCable (this isn't trivial, but it can be cheap) 
     40  * Change the get_free_header function in gc_sf.c to put the freshly-allocated header on the MAYBE list 
     41  * Change the mark functions to splice a given GCable out of its current list and into the LIVE list 
     42  * Change the beginning of mark function in gc_sf.c to point to a new MAYBE list 
     43  * Change the end of mark function in gc_sf.c to append the MAYBE list to the FREE list (or prepend?) 
     44  * Change the "get a new free header" function to perform any active destruction (though for an optimization, if a PMC header already has sufficient PMC_data space allocated, it's unnecessary to free it) 
     45  * Add a configuration option to enable the new sweep-free GC 
     46  * Fix bugs