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  • Create an incremental tri-color mark GC module
  • Integrate the new incremental GC into the existing system
  • Improve abstraction/encapsulation for existing GC modules.
  • Consider deleting src/gc/res_lea.c (doesn't work anyway)
  • Move src/malloc.c and src/malloc-trace.c into src/gc (not strictly GC, but want to group all memory management), consider deleting if only used by src/gc/res_lea.c
  • Rename files in src/gc for sanity, suggested names:
    • gc_gms.c -> generational_ms.c
    • gc_ims.c -> incremental_ms.c
    • dod.c -> api.c (it defines the public interface to the GC system, including 'pobject_lives')
    • memory.c -> alloc_memory.c or mem_allocate.c
    • register.c -> alloc_registers.c or reg_allocate.c
    • resources.c -> alloc_resources.c or resource_allocate.c
  • Rename all API functions to Parrot_gc_*.
  • If there are any non-API functions in src/gc/api.c move them into another file, possibly src/gc/common.c to indicate that they're internal to the GC system only, but shared between all the GC modules.
  • Collapse src/gc/smallobject.c into src/gc/api.c.

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