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    8686=== POD parser === 
    88  * '''Difficulty''': <UNKNOWN> 
     88 * '''Difficulty''': 1/5 
    8989 * '''Links of Interest''': <NONE, please add some> 
    9090 * '''Possible Mentors''': <UNKNOWN, please volunteer!> 
    91  * '''Details''': Implement the transformation from the Perl6 POD specification (Synopsis 26 - Documentation) to LaTeX, man pages or text as a language with PCT. (should be to difficult and take more then 2-3 month, may be it could divided) 
     91 * '''Details''': Implement a library or tool to parse POD documentation from standalone .pod files and code files containing intermittent POD. The successful project should be able to translate POD documentation into other formats such as LaTeX, HTML, man pages, raw text, or others. Special focus should be on both compliance with the Perl 6 POD specification (Synopsis 26 - Documentation) and interoperability with other HLLs besides Perl 6. The successful project will have a system with pluggable backends for outputting documentation in the formats listed above and others. 
    9292 * '''Expected Deliverables''': <UNKNOWN, Please list what the deliverables will be> 
    113113 * '''Links of Interest''': <NONE, please add some> 
    114114 * '''Possible Mentors''': <UNKNOWN, please volunteer!> 
    115  * '''Details''': <UNKNOWN> 
     115 * '''Details''': Create an implementation of preemptive-switching green threads for Parrot. The successful project should be designed with an eye towards eventual M:N thread hybridization.  
    116116 * '''Expected Deliverables''': <UNKNOWN, Please list what the deliverables will be> 
    139139 * '''Details''': Parrot-Linear-Algebra (PLA) provides bindings and wrapper PMC types for the BLAS library. This provides access to basic matrix and vector operations, but does not provide access to the full range of algorithms implemented by LAPACK. Implement bindings to use LAPACK (CLAPACK, etc) routines with PLA matrix types from a Parrot application. Since LAPACK provides so many interfaces, only a relatively small subset of routines must be made accessible. The student should be able to perform common operations from Parrot including finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors, performing common matrix factorizations and decompositions, and Solving systems of linear equations including least-squares solutions. 
    140140 * '''Expected Deliverables''': LAPACK bindings for PLA, including necessary build and test infrastructure improvements, new unit tests, code examples to cover cases mentioned above, and necessary documentation. 
     142=== Code Metrics Utility === 
     144 * '''Difficulty''': 2/5 
     145 * '''Links of Interest''': <NONE, please add some> 
     146 * '''Possible Mentors''': Whiteknight 
     147 * '''Details''': Create a tool or toolset for calculating code maintainability metrics for Parrot. The toolset should operate on PIR or PBC, and be usable for any HLL which runs on top of Parrot (using code annotations to get information about the HLL). The toolset should be able to calculate total lines of code (in the original HLL, in addition to the generated PIR/PBC), per-sub cyclomatic complexity (including nested lexical subs), and inter-class coupling. 
     148 * '''Expected Deliverables''': A library, stand-alone tool, or complete toolset for analyzing PIR or PBC and calculating various metrics from it. The successful project will be able to count total lines of code in an HLL-independant way and calculate ''at least'' one other important metric.