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Add some interesting HLL implementation tasks.


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    164164 * '''Details''': A text templating engine, similar to Liquid or Lua-Codegen which runs on top of Parrot. The templating engine should follow good design and best practices and be "safe" (or have a "safe" mode) for use in public environments like the web. A good templating library will work with Parrot's immutable strings implementation to produce a high-performance and flexibile templating and formatting solution. This project should be implemented in a lower-level Parrot language for maximum portability (PIR, NQP-rx, Winxed, etc). 
    165165 * '''Expected Deliverables''': A templating library, example code, unit tests, and user documentation. 
     168=== GCC Translator === 
     170 * '''Difficulty''': 5/5 
     171 * '''Links of Interest''':, 
     172 * '''Possible Mentors''': Peter Lobsinger 
     173 * '''Details''': A means of using GCC to translate static language inputs (eg: C, Fortran, Pascal), into Parrot Bytecode. This may take the form of a GCC backend plugin, or machine-code post-processor (similar to NestedVM). 
     174 * '''Expected Deliverables''': A translator script, examples and tests, user documentation. 
     177=== Java on Parrot === 
     178 * '''Difficulty''': 4/5 
     179 * '''Links of Interest''':, 
     180 * '''Possible Mentors''': Peter Lobsinger 
     181 * '''Details''': An implementation of the Java language on Parrot. To reduce this project's scope, the standard library should be taken from an existing project (for example, GNU Classpath). 
     182 * '''Expected Deliverables''': A Parrot HLL implementation including registered HLL runtime compiler and fakecutable, examples and tests, user documentation.