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Google Summer of Code 2011: Welcome to Parrot!

The main function of this page is to initially provide a place to discuss the various Parrot projects presented to GSoC 2011.

Place details of possible projects under Projects up for grabs below

GSoC details

First steps

Getting your bearings

Current progress / things to work on

Projects up for grabs

Put ideas for GSoC 2011 Projects here:

ideas and/or links here

  • Embed parrot in Inkscape (
  • Emit Bytecode from PAST/POST
  • TapTinder ( milestone M5 and others)
  • Adding something like as UNIX command (/usr/bin/ is free); let it be installed; Linux distribution packages could add it
  • Extend the documentation in "docs/book/pct/ch05_nqp.pod" by adding some initial examples, show the use of grammar in NQP programs, may be some cross-references to the PCT-Tutorial could added
  • Examples to use different HLLs and to execute it as one program on top of Parrot. Calling a lua subroutine from Rakudo. How could the assembler- or byte-code from different HLLs be put together.
  • Implement the transformation from the Perl6 POD specification (Synopsis 26 - Documentation) to LaTeX, man pages or text as a language with PCT. (should be to difficult and take more then 2-3 month, may be it could divided)
  • Expand on parrot-instrument, build awesome tools on top of it, get it fully working again.

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