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Plumage is the Parrot VM module ecosystem. It includes tools to search the ecosystem, browse the module metadata, install modules, and so forth.

The ecosystem currently includes various compilers targetting Parrot VM, libraries, language bindings and more.

Getting Plumage

The Plumage repo is located on Github ( You can either download a tarball or simply clone the repository with git clone git:// To build plumage, execute

parrot setup.pir build
parrot setup.pir test # optional, to see if everything is working properly
parrot setur.pir install

You may need a root access in the last step, depending on where your Parrot is located. Plumage will install itself into the Parrot directory tree. After that, you're ready to go.


To show a list of projects, use plumage projects. After choosing the one you want to install, simply run plumage install <project>. This will build, test and install the desired project into the Parrot directory tree.

For more usage information run plumage usage