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one fleshed-out test case and a healthy TODO list

The GitHub Trac plugin doesn't come with any test suite, so the purpose of this page is to create a list of manual tests. This will give us some level of QA that the plugin conforms to a minimal level of quality in addition to serving as a list of features which have been successfully implemented.


<Insert setup instructions here. Postgres is preferable since that's what is running on.>

Test Results

test status at  25c365
clean install PASS

Test Cases

clean install

The plugin can be installed onto a db which doesn't have an existing svn_revmap table.


  1. Disable the plugin via Trac's conf/trac.ini file.
  2. Set enable_revmap to 1, set svn_revmap to a valid dump of git log's output.
  3. Delete the svn_revmap db table.
  4. Enable the plugin via Trac's config file.
  5. Verify that Trac shows the need for an upgrade.
  6. Upgrade Trac.
  7. Verify that Trac no longer needs to be upgraded.


  • everything works fine without the revmap
  • import of an incorrect revmap fails gracefully
  • tooltips work (shortened and unshortened)
  • wiki syntax works
    • svn rev (valid, invalid)
    • git id (valid, invalid)
  • changeset url works
    • svn rev (valid, invalid)
    • git id (valid, invalid)
  • browser url works
  • github hooks insert correct data into the db