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Objections to using Git as a VCS, per discussion at .

1. Objection: Integration with trac.

2. Objection: Demonstrate that git actually is better at resolving the merging conflicts we hit in real usage.

  • Answer 2.1: I know that specific examples would be great here, but does anyone actually doubt that merging is less painful in git?

3. Objection: Source code browsing tools. (including revision browsing)

  • Answer 3.1: gitweb?

4. Objection: Down-time and retraining time for developers.

  • Answer 4.1: Migration will take time -- no answer to that.
  • Answer 4.2: Developers can retrain with git-svn prior to migration. If anything, using Git alone is *easier* than with git-svn.
  • Answer 4.3: Git supports a workflow very much like the existing SVN workflow. It's not the ideal Git workflow, but it's similar enough that retraining will be short.

5. Objection: Safety of the core source (limiting the damage possible accidentally or by new committers)

  • Claim: (with git it's possible to make changes that destroy the history of the repository)
  • Answer 5.1: Have a server side post-commit hook that disallows non-fast-forward updates. That negates any possibility of a newbie messing up the master Parrot git repo.
  • Answer 5.2: Also, the history is not destroyed, just altered. The history is still there and can easily be fixed from another Parrot git repo.