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    2828Give it a descriptive title. Explain any acronyms or slang that an outsider would not know. List potential mentors and both recommended and an optional background. Also give an estimate for roughly how many hours this task should take. 
     31== Task template == 
     34Title: Name of the app/area and a short description of what the task entails 
     36Category: [see above] 
     38Difficulty: (easy, average, advanced) 
     40Estimated time: A "day" range of how long you think the task will take to complete, bearing in mind factors mentioned in the guidelines. 
     42Task description: Consists of: 
     44    * An initial sentence or two that describes what the task entails and why a student would want to spend their time on it (emphasize importance to project, transferable skills...). 
     45    * Several sentences/bullets that provide more detail into the task: What approach should students use? What level of detail are you looking for? 
     46    * A sentence about the expected deliverables. 
     48Benefits: A short explanation of why this task is useful for the project. This should help motivate the students too. 
     50Requirements: A small list of skill requirements. This helps the students know if they might be able to complete the task, for example e.g. Git, programming languages, etc. 
     52Extra: (optional) A description of some extra action that the student can do if he's enjoying the task. 
     54Links: A list of links that should help the student start on this task. 
     56Primary contact: The person we should list as the "owner" of the task, who will monitor student submissions and give the final sign-off. This should be either you or someone who you've talked to about taking this on.  
     58[ GNOME's How To Write a Good Task] 
    3060= Proposed tasks =