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addition of Task 2

This page lists tasks that we believe will be suitable for Google Code-In 2010.

Task # 1: Make reflect current development and be more useful

Potential Mentors: ?

Background Required: Familiar with HTML, CSS, RSS

Details: The main web site is currently not dynamic enough. It is hard to see what is going on in our community right now from our main entry page. This task will make usability improvements to our site such as: List the last few commits to our codebase, giving links to relevant mailing lists and irc channels (and logs), summarizing recent blog posts from Planet Parrot, etc. PLEASE ADD MORE DETAIL.

Task # 2: Convert tests written in perl5 to pir - This could/would be multiple tasks

Potential Mentors: mikehh, ?

Background Required: some perl, read up on pir, examples to be given

Details: A lot of our tests are still written in perl5 or a combination of perl5 with pir in CODE/OUTPUT blocks. Ultimately we would like to get rid of any dependency on perl5. We will put forward a list of tests that still need converting and set them up as a tasks with one or more tests to be converted.