On the second floor lobby at the Radisson Hotel on Falkoner Alle (a couple of blocks away from the YAPC::EU venue). There is wireless access available. (Any location changes will be noted on this wiki page and on the #hackathon IRC channel.)


Join us on irc.perl.org #parrot and irc.perl.org #hackathon.

What Are We Working On?


  • Rakudo
  • Pipp


  • Task list for MMD branch.

Perl 5

  • Adding Unicode support to a fast text parsing module.

Who Is In Attendance Saturday August 16?

In Copenhagen

  • allison
  • pmichaud
  • smash
  • bernhard
  • cognomial

Who Is In Attendance Tuesday August 12?

(The Tuesday hackathon was located in the lobby at Hotel Centrum, 2 blocks south-west from the main train station (Kobenhavns H) on the corner of Istedgade and Helgolandsgade.)

In Copenhagen

  • allison
  • bernhard
  • ovid
  • aaron
  • Abigail
  • cognominal
  • pmichaud
  • jonathan
  • Adam Kennedy
  • Nicholas Clark
  • Andrea

What Have We Achieved?

  • Task list for MMD branch [pdd27mmd_tasklist]
  • Updated the debian package configuration files, and generated the packages for Parrot 0.6.4.
  • Numerous design and implementation discussions.