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General Issues

* Until case mangling issues in Parrot are fixed, you must use an all-lowercase HLL name (someone plz add TT#)

Library Loading

To provide other languages access to libraries written in your language, you must add a 'load_library' method to your compiler object. This method must accept one positional parameter, a list (or ::-delimited string?) representing the name of the library to load, and an arbitrary quantity of other named parameters (:named :slurpy), which it is (currently) free to ignore. This method should return a hash containing the following attributes:

symbols:                           # The only required attribute
        # a map of names to symbols
        # a map of names to symbols
    # other named sets of symbols can go here...
    # the only required items are DEFAULT and ALL
# You can include other additional information
filename: "/path/to/filename.ext"
version: "v1.0.1"
author: "adent"