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     1IMCC needs to be separated from libparrot. Not all programs want or need IMCC, and it forces libparrot to make some really messy assumptions. 
     3= Bytecode Tasks = 
     5 - Be able to generate .pbc files from an executing Parrot application 
     6 - Figure out if loading .pbc files takes more time than loading .pir files and, if so, why. Fix it (prefer to make .pbc file loading faster as opposed to making .pir file loading slower) 
     8= PIR compreg Task = 
     10 - Create a new, standard compiler interface (does "compiler") that HLL compilers should conform to for maximum interoperability. 
     11 - Update the PIR and PASM compreg objects to conform to the new interface 
     12 - Register the PIR and PASM compreg objects through appropriate API interfaces 
     13 - Update the PIR compreg so that it can do everything the current load_bytecode op can do 
     14 - Change the load_bytecode op (or create a replacement) that ONLY loads bytecode. The op should never automatically compile/load a PIR/PASM file (#1885) 
     16= Miscellaneous = 
     18 - Update PackFile PMCs to know about opmaps 
     19 - Update PackFile PMCs to add a .write_file method (or whatever we want to call it). This should write the contents of a PackFile to a properly formed and functional .pbc file 
     20 - Update PackFile PMC to be able to return a hash of Subs by name 
     21 - Update PackFile PMC to be able to return an ordered list of :main subs 
     22 - Deprecate and remove Eval PMC. Replace all uses of it with PackFile PMCs