Version 11 (modified by bacek, 13 years ago)

Remove links to resolved or rejected tickets from IOTasklist

  • Change 'fprintf' to 'PIO_fprintf' where relevant.
  • Plain %s in parrot printf-alike functions do not handle NULL C strings well. Fix.


  • Remove src/io/io_mmap.c, unused and not useful.


  • Rip out the layers structures and macros. (After the migration is complete.)

various IO related RT tickets


  • Convert I/O layers to I/O objects. (allison)
  • src/io/io_unix.c is the guts of most I/O on most platforms. src/io/io_win32.c is Windows. src/io/io_stdio.c is STDIN, STDOUT, and STDERR. These three need to be ported to the new system. (allison)
  • src/io/io_utf8.c is really the wrong way to go about it. Filehandles should be marked with character set and encoding similar to strings. (allison)
  • Create a PMC named "FileHandle", as a core file handle object, which can be subclassed by various HLLs. (allison)
  • Continue to support different I/O operations on different platforms, using C '#ifdef's on platform-specific sections. (allison)
  • All 'PIO_*' functions change to 'Parrot_io_*'. (Since the implementation is completely changing, better to create new functions with the new names than to change the names of existing functions.) (allison)
  • Remove src/io/io_passdown.c and src/io/io_layers.c, purely implementation artifacts of I/O layers implementation.
  • Change src/io/io_string.c to a subclass of FileHandle PMC, that provides the same interface, but to a string instead of a file handle.