IRC communication

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Message Relay Now Available on #parrot

(Adapted from Will Coleda's posting on our mailing list Aug 29 2007.)

purl in #parrot now supports message relay, thanks to Masque++.

To send a message to another user via purl, you can (either in private conversation with purl or in #parrot), type:

19:15 <@Fred> msg Coke The frobulator is borken.
19:15 <+purl> Message for coke stored.

Note that your msg entry does not begin with the forward slash character (/) which other IRC commands begin with.

Then, when purl sees the recipient unidle, she will send them a private message:

19:16 <purl> You have 1 message waiting.

Respond to the private message with:

19:16 <Coke> messages
19:16 <purl> You received the following messages:
19:16 <purl> Fred [Wed Aug 29 16:15:57 2007] said: The frobulator is borken.

When you're done, don't forget to erase the messages (still in private:)

19:16 <Coke> messages erase
19:16 <purl> Messages erased

Note that timestamps are based on purl 's time zone, not yours.

Note that gossipbot (née messagebot) was a completely separate code base developed by Infinoid (based on a throw away idea from me); As this was being tested, purl started responding to some of the automated messages, and masque was prompted to fix purl's messages. gossipbot is now frozen in an svn repository somewhere; long live purl!

svnbotl on #parrot

svnbotl is our intermittently functioning SVN log bot. The following instructions in operating svnbotl are non-definitive and not guaranteed to work for you. (Isn't that reassuring!)

You must have an account on the feather server. Log in to feather.


Open a screen session.


Enter this command:

pugs -I/home/audreyt/pugs/blib6/lib /home/audreyt/pugs/examples/network/ svnbotl 300 true true #parrot

Once the bot is operating, you can detach from your screen session.


Then, on #parrot, enter:

/invite svnbotl #parrot

And it might work! Note: snvbotl has historically had a tendency to leave the channel when processing commits with many files.