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This page exists to track Khairul's Google Summer of Code project to add instrumentation tools to Parrot. While the project progresses, work will be done in the gsoc_instrument branch.

week 1 (May 24th - 30th)

Prototype the API.

Status: completed on schedule

week 2 (May 31st - June 6th)

Implement the base tool.

Status: completed on schedule

week 3 (June 7th - 13th)

Implement simple instruments.

Status: completed on schedule (tracer.nqp)

week 4 (June 14th - 20th)

Code review, tests and documentation. If possible, add GC hooks.

Status: review completed, tests insufficient and documentation nonexistent

week 5 (June 21st - 27th)

Instrument Query API (2-3 weeks planned). Note: Instrument Query API was found to be unnecessary.

Status: limited progress (external circumstances)

week 6 (June 28th - July 4th)

Instrument Query API (2nd week). Note: Goal changed to increasing test coverage and implementing GC instrumentation.

Status: completed on schedule

week 7 (July 5th - 11th)

Implement advanced instruments, e.g. exception and register monitors.

Status: sidetracked by refactoring and debugging

week 8 (July 12th - 18th)

Code review and documentation. Explore building a simple debugger as a test case for existing code.

Status: limited progress

week 9 (July 19th - 25th)

Catchup. If time permits, explore other uses for instrumentation.


week 10 (July 26th - August 1st)

Finalizing of all APIs.


week 11 (August 2nd - 8th)

Finalizing the set of Instruments/Tools.


week 12 (August 9th - 15th)

Final code review and documentation. Documentation should be comprehensive enough to implement independent tools using this code as a base.