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    1 A number of languages targeting Parrot are in development. Some of them can be found in the Parrot tarball, in `languages/`. Others are being developed outside of Parrot. 
     1= More of less maintained language implementations = 
     3A number of languages targeting Parrot are in development.  
     4Some of them can be found in the Parrot tarball, in `languages/`.  
     5Others are being developed outside of Parrot. 
    37This page tracks the status of these projects. 
    2630||[ lolcode]||[ LOLCODE]||Perl6Grammar||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||81/82 (98.78%)||?||Dormant|| 
    2731||[ lua]||[ Lua] 5.1||Perl6Grammar||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||? (1)||Development?||Active|| 
     32||[ Lua2PIR]||[ Lua] 5.1||?||?||?||?||?|| 
    2833||[ m4]||[ GNU m4]||PIR||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||54/125 (43.2%)||Development||Reactivating?|| 
    2934||[ markdown]||[ Markdown]||Perl6Grammar||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||28/28 (100%)||Semistable?||Dormant|| 
     35||[ NQP||Not quite Perl6||?||?||?||?||?|| 
     36||[ Monkey]||[ Lua] 5.1||?||?||?||?||?|| 
    3037||[ ook]||[ Ook!]||PASM||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||1/1 (100%)||Stable?||Maintenance|| 
    31 ||[ parrotjs]||[ ECMAScript]||PIR||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||? (1)||Development||Dormant|| 
    32 ||[ "Rakudo Perl"]||[ Perl 6]||Perl6Grammar, Perl||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||275/275 (100%) (3)||Development||Active|| 
     38||[ parrot_compiler]||PAST and PIR examples||PIR||?||?||?||?|| 
     39||[ "Rakudo Perl"||[ Perl 6]||Perl6Grammar, Perl||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||275/275 (100%) (3)||Development||Active|| 
    3340||[ pheme]||[ Scheme]||Perl6Grammar||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||51/51 (100%)||Development?||Reactivating?|| 
    3441||[ Pipp]||[ PHP]||Perl6Grammar||Parrot 0.8.2-devel||524/524 (100%)||Development||Active|| 
    3542||[ PIR]||Parrot Intermediate Representation||Perl6Grammar||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||? (1)||Semistable||Maintenance|| 
     43||[> Pirate]||[ Python]||?||?||?||?||?|| 
     44 ||[ PJS]||[ ECMAScript]||PIR||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||? (1)||Development||Dormant|| 
    3645||[ primitivearc]||[ Arc]||PIR||?||?||?||?|| 
    3746||[ punie]||[ Perl] 1.0||Perl6Grammar||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||52/52 (100%)||Development||Inactive|| 
    3948||[ regex]||Regular expression engine||PMC||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||53/53 (100%)||Development?||Dormant/Inactive?|| 
    4049||[ scheme]||[ Scheme]||Perl 5||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||? (1)||De[||Inactive|| 
     50||[ Scheme to PIR with Chicken]||[ Scheme]||?||?||?||?||?|| 
    4151||[ squaak]||Squaak (showcase language)||Perl6Grammar||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||4/5 (80%)||Development||Dormant|| 
    4252||[ unlambda]||[ Unlambda]||PIR||Parrot 0.8.1-devel||3/3 (100%)||?||Dormant|| 
    6373   * Dormant: No major changes in the last month; bugfixes and occasional commits are still being made. 
    6474   * Inactive: No changes in the last three months. 
     76= Abandoned projects = 
     78This section is for historians only.  
     80=== miniperl === 
     82Written by Jeff Goff. Was in 'languages/miniperl' in Parrot svn repository until r12805. 
     84=== Amber === 
     86Scripting language inspired by Eiffel and Ruby. Original version 
     87targeted parrot, current version is self-contained. The PMCs for amber 
     88were in the repository until 0.6.1. 
     90=== Parakeet === 
     92Parakeet was a Forth that was extremely machine specific to the Parrot VM. 
     93Parakeet also had a lot of features not found in standard Forth, like local 
     94variables, nested words and classes and (as a result) nested compile-time and 
     95run-time lexical word, class and variable scopes. 
     97Removed from the repository 'languages/parakeet' 
     98prior to 0.4.10, after having been broken since 0.0.11. 
     100Parakeet is also the name of a project the extends the Jikes RVM in order to run Parrot bytecode. 
     103=== BASIC/interpreter === 
     105BASIC interpreter was written in PASM, and used the global stack. It was last 
     106verified working in 0.0.11 before it was removed from 
     107'languages/BASIC/interpreter' prior to Parrot 0.5.1. 
     109=== Cardinal === 
     111The version at has been superseded 
     112by the one in the repository. (See above) 
     114=== Perl 5 === 
     116From r16836 up to r25231 'languages/perl5' served as a repository 
     117for some Perl 5 - specific functionality that was heavily used in early parrot development. 
     119=== Pint === 
     121An experimental implementation of PHP. Described at 
     123but no updates since August 2004, and the link to source is a 404. 
     125=== Plumhead === 
     127Plumhead was the PHP on Parrot implementation. It has been renamed to Pipp. 
     129=== Ruby === 
     131Removed from trunk of Parrot subversion repository. Up to revision 12805, 
     132located in 'languages/ruby'. 
     134=head2 SFL 
     136Simple functional language. 
     137A quickly abandoned attempt. 
     138See and 
     140=== Span === 
     142Span can be most concisely described as Smalltalk for C++, C#, and Java 
     143programmers. It features an object system modeled on the Smalltalk object 
     144system and a language syntax designed to be easy to learn for developers of 
     145C-like languages. Last verified against parrot 0.1.11. 
     148=== (Test Anything Protocol) === 
     150A parser for the Test Anything Protocol 
     151Was located in 'languages/tap', removed in r26661.