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Parrot based implementations of programming languages

A number of languages targeting Parrot are in development. Some of them can be found in the Parrot tarball, in examples/. Most are developed outside of Parrot. This page tracks the status of these projects, and provides information on where to find them.

Active (or in maintenance) Languages:

NameLanguageWritten inBuilds againstPassing testsCompletenessDevelopment
befunge Befunge-93PIRParrot 2.0.01/1 (100%)SemistableActive
 blizkostPerl 5 on ParrotPIRParrot 1.7.0102PrototypeActive
 cardinal Ruby 1.9Perl6GrammarParrot 2.0.0 Smoke reportsDevelopment?Active
 CloseC-like languagePerl6GrammarParrot 1.3.0?DevelopmentActive
 funAn even happier JoyPerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.025/25 (100%)DevelopmentActive
 hq9plus HQ9 PlusPerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.013/13 (100%)StableMaintainance
 jvmJava VM bytecode translatorC, Perl, PIRParrot 0.8.2-devel-DevelopmentActive
 KeaFactorPIR/NQPParrot 2.0.01/1PrototypeActive
 lua Lua 5.1Perl6GrammarParrot 2.0.0 Smoke reportsDevelopment?Active
 matrixy OctavePerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.0354/354DevelopmentActive
 markdown MarkdownPerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.056/56 (100%)DevelopmentActive
NQPNot quite Perl6Perl6GrammarParrot 2.0.0198/198 (100%)StableMaintenance
 nqpTAPTAP (Test Anything Protocol) HarnessNQPtrunk DevelopmentActive
 NQP-rxNot quite Perl6, with regexenPerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.0?DevelopmentActive
 partcl TclPIR, C(PMC) Version Spec Test StatusDevelopmentActive
 partcl-nqp TclNQP-rx/PIRParrot 2.0.0167/167DevelopmentActive
 pheme SchemePerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.049/51Development?Reactivating?
 Perk JavaPerl6GrammarParrot 0.9.0-devel?PrototypeActive
 Pipp PHPPerl6GrammarParrot 1.4.0 Smoke reportsDevelopmentActive
 PIRParrot Intermediate RepresentationPerl6GrammarParrot 0.8.1-devel? (1)SemistableMaintenance
 PL/ParrotParrot in Postgres?Parrot 1.7.0? (1)AlphaActive
 PODPlain Old DocumentationPerl6GrammarParrot 1.1.0?DevelopmentActive
 primitivearc ArcPIRParrot 1.4.0?/230DevelopmentActive
 Porcupine PascalPerl6GrammarParrot 1.4.0115/116DevelopmentActive
 pynie PythonPerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.0175/175 (100%)DevelopmentActive
 Rakudo Perl 6 Perl 6Perl6Grammar, PerlParrot 2.0.0236/236 (100%) (3)DevelopmentActive
 shakespeare-parrot ShakespearePerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.061/64DevelopmentActive
 TapirTAP (Test Anything Protocol) HarnessPIRParrot 2.0.0100/100PrototypeActive
 WinxedA javascript-alike languageC++Parrot 2.0.0114/114DevelopmentActive
 WMLScript WMLScriptPIRParrot 2.0.0417/417DevelopmentActive
 XMLXML SAX like parserPerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.030/30DevelopmentActive

Inactive, retired and Dormant languages.

NameLanguageWritten inBuilds againstPassing testsCompletenessDevelopment
abc bcPerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.0161/161 (100%)SemistableInactive
 APL APLPerl6GrammarParrot 1.4.0216/216 (100%)?Inactive
BASIC BASIC, Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5Perl, PIR??Stable?Retired
 bf Brainf**kPIRParrot 2.0.03/3Stable?Inactive
 c99 C programming language,  C99 dialectPerl6GrammarParrot 0.8.1-devel?StableInactive
 chitchat SmalltalkPerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.02/2 (100%)?Inactive
 dotnet.Net to PIR translatorC, Perl, PIRParrot 0.9.173/254 failed?Dormant
 eclectus SchemeSchemeParrot 0.8.2-devel? (1)DevelopmentInactive
 ecmascript ECMAScriptPerl6GrammarParrot 1.1.043/43 (100%)DevelopmentInactive
 forth ForthPIRParrot 2.0.024/24 (100%)?Inactive
 gilGeneric Imperative LanguagePerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.011/11 (100%)?Inactive
 jakoJakoPerl5Parrot 2.0.0?SemistableInactive
 Pirate Python????Retired
 PJS ECMAScriptPIRParrot 0.8.1-devel? (1)DevelopmentDormant
 json JSONPerl6GrammarParrot 0.8.1-devel? (1)?Dormant
 Kea-CLCommon Lisp???DevelopmentInactive
 lazy-k Lazy KPIRParrot 2.0.02/2 (100%)Development (2)Dormant
 lisp LISPPIR, PGE?Parrot 0.8.1-devel134/134 (100%)?Inactive
 lolcode LOLCODEPerl6GrammarParrot 2.0.081/82 (98.78%)?Dormant
 Monkey Lua 5.1????Retired
 ook Ook!PASMParrot 1.2.01/1 (100%)Stable?Inactive
parrot_compilerPAST and PIR examplesPIRParrot 0.9.1???
 punie Perl 1.0Perl6GrammarParrot 2.0.0?/52DevelopmentInactive
regexRegular expression enginePMCParrot 0.9.153/53 (100%)Development?Retired
 scheme SchemePerl 5Parrot 0.8.1-devel? (1)DevelopmentInactive
 Scheme to PIR with Chicken Scheme?????
 m4 GNU m4PIRParrot 1.4.0125/125 (100%)DevelopmentDormant
 Lua2PIR Lua 5.1????Retired
squaakSquaak (showcase language)Perl6GrammarParrot 2.0.030/30 (100%)DevelopmentDormant
 unlambda UnlambdaPIRParrot 2.0.04/4 (100%)?Dormant
 urmUniversal Register MachinePerl 5Parrot 1.2.05/7 (71.42%)Stable?Inactive
  • (1) I couldn't get one or more tests to run on my system.
  • (2) As per README/documentation.
  • (3) Basic tests only.


So it's easy to tell what's going on with a project, I'll categorize statuses on the basis of two criteria:

  • Completeness: stable, semistable, development, prototype, unknown
    • Stable: Claims to be version 1.0, 2.0, etc.; tests appear to cover a usable subset of functionality.
    • Semistable: Stable to a deprecated or old standard; can be extended to the latest standard.
    • Development: Claims to be version 0.1, 0.2, etc.; large functionality missing.
    • Prototype: Claims to be development, prototype or no version number; only basic functionality is in.
  • Development: active, maintenance, dormant, inactive
    • Active: Major changes in the last month.
    • Maintenance: Minor changes in the last month; only really applicable to stable/semistable languages.
    • Dormant: No major changes in the last month; bugfixes and occasional commits are still being made.
    • Inactive: No changes in the last three months.
    • Retired: No plans to maintain or continue development, open for adoption

See also: AbandonedLanguages