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Missing C Function Documentation

The following is extracted from the test t/codingstd/c_function_docs.t.

If the test fails it will give the C source file in single quotes, followed by the output for the test - prefixed by #

It gives the number of functions missing documentation in the source file, then the function(s) missing documentation, and what the test expects to be there (Want:).

The want: part gives what the documentation header is expects.

of the form:

# =item C<function_name(parameters)
# it may be wrapped onto a second line if it exceeds 80 characters

Bear in mind we are dealing with POD and that it expects a maximum line length of 80.

The documentation requires the following format in a C function:


=over 4

=item C<function name and parameters wrapped at line 80>

some documentation (again wrapped at line 80)




function header here

The =over 4 is not required if a previous =over 4 exists without a =back which needs to be in the last entry.