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mod_parrot Roadmap

Custom Apache directivesYes
HLL Apache modulesYes
Worker MPM passes testsYes
Support for reading HTTP body (POST data)Yes
APR pool classYescreate pools, register cleanup handlers
Merge configuration branchNoNeeds testing infrastructure
Config for setting # of interpreters at startupNoThreaded MPM only, see "Dynamic context pools"
server_rec classPartial
conn_rec classNo
cmd_parms classPartial
Debug loggingPartialC-level debugging output
Dynamic context poolsNofor threaded MPMs, grow/shrink context pools, support for spares
Remove HLL modulesNoexcept for PIR
Input/Output filtersNoneeds bucket brigade class
Apache 2.2 auth providersNo
Inline code in configurationNoe.g. <Perl> blocks
Support HLL namespacesNoneed Parrot/PCT support for .HLL namespaces
Complete user documentationNo
Complete HLL module developer documentationPartial
Fix all code commented with XXXNo
Security sandboxesNoRequires Parrot support