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mod_parrot Roadmap

Custom Apache directivesYes
HLL Apache modulesYes
Worker MPM passes testsYes
Support for reading HTTP body (POST data)Yes
Dynamic context poolsNofor threaded MPMs, grow/shrink context pools, support for spares
APR pool classNocreate pools, register cleanup handlers
server_rec classNo
conn_rec classNo
cmd_parms classNomake sure this is passed to config callbacks
Merge configuration branchNoNeeds testing infrastructure
Remove HLL modulesNoexcept for PIR
Input/Output filtersNoneeds bucket brigade class
Apache 2.2 auth providersNo
Inline code in configurationNoe.g. <Perl> blocks
Support HLL namespacesNoneed Parrot/PCT support for .HLL namespaces
Complete user documentationNo
Complete HLL module developer documentationNo
Fix all code commented with XXXNo