Parrot modules

NameDescriptionWritten inCompleteness parrot-mysqlUse mysql client library via NCIPIRPrototype decnum-dynpmcsSet of 'decimal arithmetic' PMCs for parrot.pmc2c and CBeta dbm-dynpmcs dynpmc interface to the dbm-like databases. pmc2c and CBeta digest-dynpmcsA set of message-digest dynpmcs. pmc2c and CBeta kakapoA library of basic functions for working in NQPNQP? parrot-linear-algebraA linear algebra library package for Parrotpmc2c and CBeta parrot-data-structuresA library of optimized data structure PMCspmc2c and CBeta mt19937Mersenne Twisted pseudorandom number generatorPIRBeta tree-optimizationA set of libraries for traversing, transforming, and pattern-matching trees.NQP-rxBeta github-traca fork of the github-trac plugin that will allow svn revisions to be mapped to git hashesPythonBeta