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Put your requests for documentation for NQP-rx (the new flavor of NQP) here.

  • Looping constructs
    19:50:32 < cconstantine> How would I loop through an iterable backwards in NQP?
    19:50:52 <@dukeleto> cconstantine: code sample?
    19:51:28 < cconstantine> In an action for my gramar I want to loop through the child nodes backwards
    19:52:02 < cconstantine> rule cons { [<term> ]* {*}}  <---- loop through the <term>s backwards
  • A basic tutorial for HLL implementers that starts from step 1 of using and ends with some new type of builtin implemented and a custom Configure-time check being added to the build process in the new HLL. Basically, an updated squawk tutorial, but perhaps shorter and easier to get into.
  • How do I use threads in NQP?
  • How do I use PIR from NQP?