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    1   * Review PDD 19 PIR for namespaces behavior 
    2   * Review PDD 21 Namespaces 
    3   * TT #389 - don't install subs with :method into NameSpaces 
    4   * Review src/global.c: 
    5     * Too many lookup functions may return NULL, which is inappropriate when exposed to PIR 
    6     * PMCNULL is more appropriate for "Element does not exist"; it's used elsewhere pervasively 
    7     * Parrot_set_global(), for example, is unsafe, considering its signature 
    8     * There's a mixture of internal and external APIs 
    9     * We should create an api.c file for symbols, namespaces, whatever 
     1 * Review PDD 19 PIR for namespaces behavior 
     2 * Review PDD 21 Namespaces 
     4= NameSpace PMC = 
     6 * NameSpace has too many named-storage responsibilities: subs/methods by name, nested namespaces by name, and global variables by name. These responsibilities should be broken up and accessed through separate interfaces.  
     7    * Remove FPA_is_ns_ext flag nonsense 
     8    * Stop using get/set_pointer_*.  
     9 * NameSpace should cache it's own fully-qualified name in a standard format (RSA, FSA, etc) 
     10 * Decouple NameSpace and Class. One should not imply or require the existence of the other 
     11    * Stop marshaling Sub/methods from NameSpace to Class. Or, find a much less expensive way to do it. For instance, if we have a specialized "sub cache" object, we can simply move that sub cache from the NameSpace to the Class. 
     12 * get_namespace_pmc should be renamed to indicate that it operates on subs. It should probably not poke directly into the sub guts 
     13 * del_* methods should be renamed to "delete_", for clarity 
     15= src/namespace.c =