allison> The most important things are a) to merge C PMCs with PIR PMCs, b) to keep two
         sets of object behavior (roughly corresponding to our current "vtables" and 
         "methods") one being publicly accessible to users, the other providing base functionality
allison> c) to provide attributes storage and retrieval, d) to provide invocation for both 
         public and hidden functionality


cotto>    allison, what are the necessary and sufficient criteria need to be met for Parrot's new 
          object model?  The points you mentioned earlier seem necessary but not sufficient.
allison>  cotto: yes, that was describing the M0 level
NotFound> cotto: it should work
cotto>    So anything that meets those criteria is a good possibility?
allison>  cotto: sufficient is "able to provide the base features necessary to implement 
          Rakudo/Python/PHP/etc" object model
allison>  cotto: plus "able to provide the standard features those different models will use to
          talk to each other"
cotto>    I suppose "efficiently" should be in there too.
allison>  yah, efficiency is huge