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Remove Parrot_PCCINVOKE


The C function Parrot_PCCINVOKE has been removed.


This function didn't conform to Parrot's naming conventions. See TT #443 and PCCMigrtationNotes? for details.


Use Parrot_pcc_invoke_method_from_c_arg instead. A simple textual substitution is enough to update any code that depends on this function.

   /* old code */
   Parrot_PCCINVOKE(interp, interp->scheduler, CONST_STRING(interp, "count_handlers"), "S->I", handler_type, &count);
   /* updated code */
   Parrot_pcc_invoke_method_from_c_args(interp, interp->scheduler, CONST_STRING(interp, "count_handlers"), "S->I", handler_type, &count);

See r42129 for more examples.