Google's Summer of Code for 2011 looks like it will be very busy for Parrot. This page exists to list students who have shown an interest.

Example: Jim Q Student

  • irc: jimmyq
  • email1: jimmyq
  • email2:
  • interest: frobbing the nobulator.
  • experience: C, INTERCAL, Perl 7, Frob 6.4
  • latest draft of proposal:  YourWebSite_or_GithubGist

Brian Gernhardt

Joseph Lewis

  • email1: joehms22
  • email2:
  • interest: POD parser
  • experience: python, dns, http, smtp


  • irc: shell
  • email1:
  • email2: gmail
  • interest: porting the V8 benchmark to several languages (Perl,Ruby,Lua,Python,C#,Java,PHP,C, others?)
  • experience:

Bob Kuo

Christoph Gärtner

  • irc: cgaertner
  • email1: cggaertner
  • email2:
  • interest: javascript on parrot, GObject/Vala, ECMAScript-Harmony testbed
  • experience:

Lucian Branescu

Kevin Polulak

rohit jangid

  • irc: rohit_nsit08
  • email1: rohit.nsit08
  • email2:
  • interest: javascript compiler
  • experience: C, Java, javascript

Marcel Rodrigues

  • irc: marcel_r
  • email1: marcelgmr
  • email2:
  • interest: Javascript, Python-on-Parrot implementation
  • experience:

Ben Batha

Mateusz Byczkowski

  • irc: woosh
  • email1: mbyczkowski
  • email2:
  • interest: JIT Compiler for Parrot (Loreto), OpenCL back-end, and others
  • experience: C, C++, Java, Python, compiler courses, dissertation on retargeting ArcSim instruction set simulator to ARM ISA.

== Tyler Curtis