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Adding links to my proposal

Google's Summer of Code for 2011 looks like it will be very busy for Parrot. This page exists to list students who have shown an interest.

Example: Jim Q Student

  • irc: jimmyq
  • email1: jimmyq
  • email2:
  • interest: frobbing the nobulator.
  • experience: C, INTERCAL, Perl 7, Frob 6.4
  • latest draft of proposal:  YourWebSite_or_GithubGist

Brian Gernhardt

Joseph Lewis

  • email1: joehms22
  • email2:
  • interest: POD parser
  • experience: python, dns, http, smtp


  • irc: shell
  • email1:
  • email2: gmail
  • interest: porting the V8 benchmark to several languages (Perl,Ruby,Lua,Python,C#,Java,PHP,C, others?)
  • experience:

Bob Kuo

Christoph Gärtner

  • irc: cgaertner
  • email1: cggaertner
  • email2:
  • interest: javascript on parrot, GObject/Vala, ECMAScript-Harmony testbed
  • experience:

Lucian Branescu

Kevin Polulak

  • irc: soh_cah_toa
  • email1: kpolulak
  • email2:
  • interest: taptinder, parrot debugger
  • experience: C, perl, java, linux

rohit jangid

  • irc: rohit_nsit08
  • email1: rohit.nsit08
  • email2:
  • interest: javascript compiler
  • experience: C, Java, javascript

Marcel Rodrigues

  • irc: marcel_r
  • email1: marcelgmr
  • email2:
  • interest: Javascript, Python-on-Parrot implementation
  • experience:

Ben Batha

Mateusz Byczkowski

  • irc: woosh
  • email1: mbyczkowski
  • email2:
  • interest: JIT Compiler for Parrot (Loreto), OpenCL back-end, and others
  • experience: C, C++, Java, Python, compiler courses, dissertation on retargeting ArcSim instruction set simulator to ARM ISA.