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Google's Summer of Code for 2011 looks like it will be very busy for Parrot. This page exists to list students who have shown an interest.

Jim Q Student

  • irc: jimmyq
  • email1: jimmyq
  • email2:
  • interest: frobbing the nobulator.
  • experience: C, INTERCAL, Perl 7, Frob 6.4


  • email1:
  • email2: gmail
  • interest: porting the V8 benchmark to several languages (Perl,Ruby,Lua,Python,C#,Java,PHP,C, others?)

Bob Kuo

  • email1: bobjkuo
  • email2:
  • interest: GNU Multi-Precision Library (GMP) bindings for Parrot
  • experience: previous GSoC student