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This page documents some of the amusing things said in #parrot. It's not really useful, but it helps with -Ofun. Feel free to add your own quotes (preferably from #parrot or parrot-devel).

Whiteknight> i'm going to solve this issue if it kills me
Whiteknight> and then I'm going to be all like "oh noes, it killz me! LOL"
particle> don't touch that code! it worked yesterday. mostly.
chromatic> Mac OS X will eventually provide a single header, called "oohshiny.h"
           with a single function called "NSPushCandyColoredButton()".
Coke>      I am drooling in anticipation of how shiny that button is!
Coke> ok, tickets are cheap, but they're not as cheap as your mom
cotto>     now to tackle "DOD"
moritz>    department of defense? ;-)
szbalint>  dangers of drinking
Infinoid>  Donuts On Demand
chromatic> Donut Order Detection
moritz>    doughnuts of desaster
szbalint>  DOD Ought Dereference
chromatic> DOD of Recursing Daemons
Infinoid>  devil's own doggy
Infinoid>  deathtrap of despair
particle>    $haze_the_new_guy->()
whiteknight> am I still the new guy?
particle>    if you have to ask...
whiteknight> damnit
particle>  i'll work on a shell alias for maek without a macarthur grant.
particle>  i'm not proud.
chromatic> Scab.  You're pushing wages down.
chromatic> ...and I'll slap the hand of anyone who suggests that we need to *mark* and *sweep* 
           these elements -- if you're lucky.  If you're not lucky, I'll take away your birthday.
Whiteknight> well, I'm sorry to hear that. Speaking of wireless networking, I'm about 30 seconds 
             away from breaking my goddamned router into a billion pieces
Infinoid>    chances are, it isn't running my code then :)
Whiteknight> no, it's some piece of shit netgear router. worst. router. ever.
rurban>      who in the world buys this crap
Infinoid>    Whiteknight, apparently
Whiteknight> We have an RT ticket that requests the creation of a BigNum PMC. ergo, I am writing one
Whiteknight> and when we decide that it's a stupid thing to have, we can open a second ticket to have it removed
Whiteknight> ...and I'll rake in the karma on both transactions :)
Coke> We do not need to reinvent every wheel. We're already reinventing several as it stands.
chromatic> But we have backwards compatibility with Perl 4 to consider, so we can't change too much.
chromatic> Want to work on a GC?
PerlJam>   GC is completely opaque to me other than general concepts.
chromatic> Then you're qualified.
Coke>        Whiteknight: lucky for your, partcl doesn't use pct.
Coke>        *you
Whiteknight> what does partcl use instead?
jonathan>    Whiteknight: It's written in a combination of bf and lolcode.
Whiteknight> oh great, I can just imagine what a recursive descent parser must look like in bf
chromatic>   Just like any other bf code, really.
NotFound> PerlJam: at least you realize that others countries exists ;)
pmichaud> NotFound:  PerlJam and I are in Texas, so yes -- we know about the other 49 countries.
davidfetter> sam adams?!? in portland? i'd think in a brewpub town like portland, he'd lose on the name alone
Whiteknight> yeah, that's why his opponent, Guinnes McBudweiser lost
Infinoid>  I didn't distill anything, I just wrote it from scratch with malice aforethought.
chromatic> Good.  I'm concerned that we haven't done that enough recently.
* NotFound thinks about developping a floating point format with negative NaN
Infinoid> how could you tell the difference between that and positive NaN?
NotFound> Infinoid: that's the beauty of that design
Infinoid> you could use negative NaN the way some perl 5 code uses "0 but true"
NotFound> Will look nice: a = NaN but negative :)
Infinoid> "They're just like normal NaN!  Except they're EVIL."
NotFound> Wait, NaN is already evil enough :D
japhb>       OK, popping that discussion off the stack ...
             we clearly support gcc 3.4.  How much older than that do we still support?
rurban>      3.3 ?
particle>    no
davidfetter> stack? i thought we used registers here ;)
particle>    and don't even ask about 2.7
rurban>      2.95 is still quite popular in academia
chromatic>   Academia should freakin' go outside once in a while.
japhb>       chromatic++
NotFound>  "put exit at bottom or die" is valid perl6?
moritz>    it's just a string literal ;)
NotFound>  moritz: don't take it too literay
NotFound>  literaly
Infinoid>  metaphors are very literary.
particle>  i never met a phor i didn't like (or is)
chromatic> I never metamodel not obsessed with reflection.
alvar>       allison: would it be a good idea to build something which
             relies on threads on the current implementation?
allison>     alvar: you will likely run into some rough spots in the
             current threading implementation, but a real use for the
             threads implementation is a great way to shake out the bugs
allison>     alvar: so, I guess it depends on whether you're more of a
             "mountain bike" or "racing bike" kind of programmer
Whiteknight> what's the difference?
Whiteknight> ...besides the number of crashes
Infinoid>    big gnarly wheels and a penchant for running over small
             woodland creatures
allison>     alvar: "mountain bike" would be enjoying exploring rugged
             terrain, not minding a few bumps
particle>    the racing bike programmer wears a funny hat, too
chromatic>   If a mountain biker sees a goat, that's wonderful.
             If a racing biker sees a goat, something's wrong.
chromatic> We're still bound by the metaphysics of the language which state
           that there is no computer but a PDP and K&R is its prophet.
Tene> Wait, you mean I need to READ?
Tene> I don't like the sound of this project.
Tene> Arson is a significantly underused motivational technique.
pmichaud> a failed Match is one where .to < .from
moritz> so you don't support reversed Match objects? ;-)
pmichaud> I do not.
pmichaud> *something* has to be straight>forward< somewhere!
pmichaud> :-P
PerlJam> Just following the precedent of the arrow of time?  :)
pmichaud> It's a darn good precedent, and anyone who disagrees can go 
          back and fix it.