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Applied, with some modifications for architectural consistency and acceptable code quality. Ticket resolved. Comments inline and attached to relevant tickets:

  • 57548-CONDITIONED_LINE_enh.patch, RT #57548 (Unrelated changes mixed into CONDITIONED_LINE changes rejected. Willing to review them as a separate patch in a new ticket.)
  • tt94-pod2man.diff, TT #94 (applied to branch in r34478, applied to trunk in r34789)
  • rt57006-opengl-cyg.diff, RT #57006 (applied to branch in r34480, applied to trunk in r34940)
  • rt56998-cygdll_versioning.diff, RT #56998 (applied to branch in r34483, applied to trunk in r34940)
  • rt51944-README_cygwin.diff, RT #51994 (applied to branch in r34484, applied to trunk in r34718)
  • pod2man.diff, Ticket number? (applied to trunk in r34503)
  • r34509-fixtestnumber.diff

Held for extensive platform testing:

  • rt39742-installed-conflict.diff, TT #30 (applied to branch in r34477)
  • new install locations, with related searchpath changes (group these tickets/patches together into one patch for review and testing, should apply cleanly to trunk) r34479-rt56544-install_files.diff, r34485-rt56996-fhs-runtime.diff
  • r34716-rt40817-track-generated-files1.diff, RT #40817 (extensive changes, recommend putting them in a branch with only those changes and no other changes, also must resolve outstanding problems mentioned in the ticket before can be applied to trunk)

Rejected (see reasons inline, and on relevant tickets if there are any):

  • pdd30install_stage3-unapplied.tar.bz2, TT #30 (must be split into separate patches and separate tickets)
  • r34481-rt58034-config_args.diff, RT #58034 (reject automatic run of reconfig, consult jkeenan on storing config args)
  • r34482-rt56554-make-install-lang.diff (no on target to install all languages, language developers choose their own install process), also r34510-workaround_HLLNAME.diff
  • r34502-prepare-rest.diff, no ticket (too many changes bundled together, skip the version change, put the CONDITIONED_LINE changes in a single patch, put the Zcode changes in a single patch, put any additions to RT #56554 into a patch together with that first set of changes)
  • r34505-dotnet-leftovers.diff, no ticket (put the CONDITIONED_LINE changes in the patch with the other CONDITIONED_LINE changes, put the dotnet language makefile install changes in a patch and give it to the language maintainer)
  • r34508-trailingspace.diff (fix the trailing spaces in the original patch or patches)
  • r34567-tt97-test-installables.diff, TT #97 (barebones test file, make a complete test)
  • r34570-rm-cygchkdll.diff, no ticket', (combine into one patch file together with the changes that make the configure step unnecessary)
  • r34575-tt101-add-parrot_utils-tests.diff, TT #101, (barebones test files, develop more fully)
  • r34578-add_missing_files.diff, no ticket, (dan_ops definitely shouldn't be installed, perl6 ops should be in perl6_group, pdb should be installed why deleting it?)
  • r34589-jkeenan-MANIFEST-SKIP.diff, no ticket' (jim had to make these fixes because you forgot to regenerate the MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP, updates to the manifest files should be included in the original patches)
  • r34724-jkeenan-gen_platform-01-t.diff, no ticket (jim made these fixes to your code, include them in the original patch)

To review